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Cultural Language Immersion

Now launching our ‘Zero-To-Hero’ Spanish group classes in Medellín

Why study with us?

So you've taken the first step and moved to Medellin.

You feel eager to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of this beautiful city.

But, you just don't feel like your Spanish is quite there.
At GRASP, we're here to help you feel truly at home and connect with Latinos...

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Comprehensive spanish lessons


Convenient location Spanish


You’ll engage in interactive classes that include real-life scenarios, role-plays, and cultural field trips to local landmarks, markets, and museums. Not only will you learn to express your ideas and opinions in Spanish, but you’ll also get a chance to explore the city and experience its vibrant history and culture. 

Our 80-hour A1 course is designed to empower you with the skills and confidence you need to interact effectively in everyday scenarios in Spanish, whether you’re a complete beginner or have zero prior knowledge of the language. Our friendly and experienced teachers take into account your individual needs to ensure measurable progress.

Our language school has several locations, one being in the heart of El Poblado, and the other one in Laureles, both safe and vibrant neighborhoods just minutes from public transport such as the metro. Our school shares space with lively coworkings, so that you can switch from class mode to work mode in minutes. 

Course options

Living abroad can be tough. Let us guide you in your language learning and cultural immersion experience.



80 hour program

Valid for 3 months

  • 2 hours a day Monday-Friday for 8 weeks

  • 2 cultural field trip experiences

  • Access to GRASP's online community

  • Free Diagnostic exam with personalized student profile

  • 4 hour coworking space per week**

  • Small group classes with only up to 6 students per group



80 hour program

Valid for 3 months

  • 4 hours a day Monday-Friday for 4 weeks

  • 2 cultural field trip experiences

  • Access to GRASP's online community

  • Free Diagnostic exam with personalized student profile

Weekend Warrior


80 hour program

Valid for 3 months

  • 5 hours a day Saturday-Sunday for 8 weeks

  • Access to GRASP's online community

  • Free Diagnostic exam with personalized student profile

**With the flexible plan you get 4 hours of complimentary use of the coworking space each week.

Take it from our heroes

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Hind Raji, Morocco

"When I started, I had no base at all. I had like a few words, for me, the huge progress that I noticed was after a month. After a month, I did notice there was a huge difference.  I moved from not having the confidence to talk to having the confidence to ask for things alone.  It took only a month to see noticeable progress."

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Adam Stevens, Canada

"After a night out, I had a  conversation with a taxi driver. And then I got to my apartment and I'm like, "what just happened?"  I just had a full conversation in Spanish! And in that moment, I realized the progress I'd made with GRASP and that I was moving towards fluency.  It was a fantastic experience and it made me want to learn more."
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Jesse Cohn, USA

“My Spanish was very basic when I started, so pretty much everything I've learned from GRASP.  I had done a fair amount of traveling in Latin America, but I couldn't really have a conversation with someone. I just knew, like, phrases of words.  I think that I've made really good progress. Now I can form sentences without having to really think about what I'm saying. I love that.

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